Uprising Prime[7/26][3x/Insta/Shop/Kits/QSmelt/TP/Clans/BGrade/
1 # ranked
583 votes
6 / 200 online
14 09 last wiped
Rank #1 (with 5950 points)
Chicago, US
Last Ping 2 minutes ago
Uptime 96%
Last Wipe 09/14/2016
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2001

Uprising is a Modded PVP RuST Server, fun times, no admin abuse, new player (noobs) friendly!

Very active and helpful admins

Admin powers only used to protect form cheaters and help players.

50+ dedicated players currently, we have room for 200!

Uprising - Join our FUN Rust Community!

Active Admins, No Admin Abuse, 3x Gather All, Quick Smelt, Teleport (no limits), 3x Homes, Starter Kit, After-Wipe Kit, Private Msg, Clans, Remove, Friendly Fire, Reward Shop (win tokens in the Arena), Better Loot, Live Map, Cool Events, Tool Cupboard Fix, Decay only on Twigs & Wood, Trading Tool (/trade - vip only), Item Skin Randomizer (allows you to get the PAY for skins w/o paying for them!) and many other features. We are always working on some new additions!

Visit Our Website: http://www.uprisingserver.com/ for more info and updates!

Follow us on Tweeter: @UprisingServer (and get free Auto Turret and 100 5.56 Ammo)

Thank you and hope to see you online!
- TheDoc

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