[EU] FMJ [Sleepers|PvP|50%Craft|Essentials] AD 20 players

83 # ranked
0 votes
0 / 100 online
31 12 last wiped
Rank #83 (with 20 points)
Last Ping 01/29/2014
Uptime 100%
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 1065
Our server is based in the Netherland’s to provide the best connection to all our players from the EU.

Admins do not create, TP or abuse their powers. We have 5-10 years admin experience each.

Airdrops are only on or after 20 players.

Most of all enjoy, we do not intend to wipe at all, we will keep everyone updated here no matter what:


Server IP: rust.fmj-squad.com:28085

No Cheating
Disrespecting Admins
Verbal Abuse has its limits (don’t overdo it)

Last updated: 01/28/2014 Modify