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Welcome to our brand new PVP server started on 1/26/2014.

I created this server due to multiple server swaps because of hacking, admin abuse, server outages, and lag. This is an Atlanta based server and is setup for the following gameplay:

This server runs Rust++
100 slot server (would like to get to 40-60 max, seems the be the best balance from my experience.)
Zero toleration for admin abuse
No craftable C-4, only from air-drops and low % from zombies
Door Share
Starter Kit - Axe, can of tuna and some cloth
Half-craft time (until the next Rust++ update includes this setting from the control panel I have to manually set this each day upon login.)

Looking for any and all competitive but friendly players to join. I do not mind raiding, I do not mind kill-on-site (we'll get you back!) I do, however, mind the use of hacks and those found will be banned from server and hopefully VAC banned during their sweeps. There is no god-mode or load outs for the Admins nor will there be.

Come check us out!
To find use via the console command use net.connect

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