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Version 1065

QuadRust is a US-based 250 slot PvP server running Oxide. We're hosted by the acclaimed PlayRust.eu team and can thus boast high performance, minimal downtime, and game updates as they release.

QuadRust is running with several modifications made to improve the overall player experience. These include but are not limited to disabling the decay of structures, reducing craft times to 1/4 of their original value, starter kits for new players, a group system to make chatting and raiding with friends easier, and airdrop timing modifications to encourage intense competition for the most valuable of resources.

Our Administrative team is dedicated to providing an outstanding experience to all players, promising unbiased moderation (aided through our help ticket system) and a zero tolerance policy for admin rights abuse. Rest easy knowing that we're players too, and when we play, we do it the same way you do.

If you have specific questions about the server and there doesn't seem to be anyone on who can answer them, feel free to join our IRC channel (irc.gamesurge.net #quadrust) for assistance. You can also join our Steam Group at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/quadrust

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