[US EAST] RustStory |WIPED 04/17|Vanilla|ACTIVE ADMINS|DuraOFF
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Oh! Hello there! I see you're looking for a server to join, right??

Are you tired of restarting all the time because a hacker clipped your base?
Are you tired of abusive admins kids??
Are you tired of servers wiping very often??

I am, but this gave me the motivation to create my own server because I listen and know what the community really wants. My server is a little bit special and I'll explain later...
The server have currently those settings/features:
-Durability OFF
-Airdrops at 30+ players
-Active Admins. All admins MUST pass a very strict test and will not be able to spawn items. Their only permission will be to: ban, unban, kick. Thats ALL!
-Events that does not interfere with the normal game. All events are hosted extremelly far from everything and you would not be able to exit any events with items.
-Vanilla. Mods will only be added if the vote is more than 65% agreement.
-We listen at the community and we make polls to decide if we want change something first.

If you have any questions, dont hesitate and email me at: help.ruststory@gmail.com
Steam group for updates: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ruststory
Website: Under construction!
Mumble Voice Server:

See you there ;)


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