☛BLADE-NoWipe,NoDecay,RaidNotifier,3x,TP,Remove,Map,NO WIPE
1817 # ranked
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0 / 0 online
06 08 last wiped
Rank #1817 (with 2 points)
Germany, ES
Last Ping 10/04/2015
Uptime 20%
Last Wipe 08/06/2015
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 1323

-BLADE-NoWipe,NoDecay,RaidNotifier,3x,TP,Remove,Map,NO WIPE
Raid SSD powered Germany located Dserver with 250GB DDOS protection
-For Easy connection, press F1 in main game menu then type;
-Last Blueprint(player data) wipe: 06.08.2015
Last Map wipe: 02.10.15 09:00hrs
Last Rust update(without MAP or BP wipe): 02.10.15
Last server modification by admin: daily basis
Last server data save: every 5min
Next wipe: no wipe until compulsory updates force it
-Normal size Procedural Map
-Auto chat language translator
-Detailed death messages & Crosshair
-1 Homeset and TP(max 50times a day with 10min cool down)
-Airdrops(for min 5players) with detailed location
-5xStarter, Respawn kit and Auto BluePrint kits
-Vote/Reward system
-Remove option (for player's own structure/items only)
-Compass, Location, Mark and track target position
-Online/Offline Raid notifier(only for this server)
-Storage Box Looter info(even for destroyed boxes)
-House and object owner info
-Group/Clan system with friendly fire
-1hr day & 5m night cycle
-Adjustable Auto Door Closer
-3X resource gathering
-Fastcraft(no time lost for crafting)
-No Decay & No wounded player
-Greatly increased stack size for per inventory cloumn
-Limited suicide(max 5 times for per 10min)
-Anticheat & Antihack protection
-Online player & server time info & Sign Artist
-Connected/disconnected plyrs with country/steam info
-Server Map with realtime loc: www.kalkavan.net/map.html
-TeamSpeak ip/port (Pass: blade)
-Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/bladerustserver
-Steam Group: www.steamcommunity.com/groups/RealBlade
-Server statics page: www.blade.kalkavan.net
-Server manage by Non-player active/adult Admin cenk
E-mail: bladereport@gmail.com

/info All commands/specs & details about the server
/remove Remover tool for player's own structure/items only
/kit Available kits for usage
/clan help Clan(Group) commands
/crosshair will toggle crosshair on screen
/mark For mark any position on map
/target For show your marked pos with red arrow
/mostonline will show top 20 most online player
/lastseen "player" will show last online time for player
/playtime "player" will show play time for player
/gather Current gathering rate
/loc Location
/who Online players
/sil url will load max 5mb picture to wooden sign

1.Auto Blue Print Kit(No command - it will work for each player auto)
Some BP set(Except gear, ammo, weapon, explosives)
2.Auto Kit(No command - it will work for every re-spawn);
stone hatchet, hide pant/boots, mushroom, Guitar
3.5xStarter Kit(/kit starter);
Burlap gear set, Bandage, L.Medkit, Hatchet, C.WolfMeat(5), Antiradpills(5)
4.In order to avoid glitching, Home kit will be directly given by Admin
to the players who should spend in server minimum 24hrs
which can be check by /mostonline command
5.Daily Vote/Reward kit details;
- You can vote the server in below links 1 time a day;
- You will get 1 point after each vote!
- If you vote all pages then, you can get 3 points per day
- After vote the pages, type /vote in server for get your points
- You can spend your points immidietly or later on
- Your points will not be deleted even server wiped
- You can get below rewards with your points(type /rewards)
6 points= Supply Signal(for call Airdrop)
12 points= Explosives Blue Print
24 points= all weapon and ammo BP(except explosives)
(Before getting big kits, make sure that your inventory is empty!)

-BAN for Hack/Cheat/Advertising/Smear Campaign!
-Temporary MUTE for bad language in chat!
-Permanently MUTE for Racism and/or Spamming!
-If you request item from Admin, you will be ignored/muted in server

K.Regards, Cenk

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