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Chicago, US
Last Ping 07/23/2015
Uptime 5%
Last Wipe 07/19/2015
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 1293

So you want to know about our server and some background, that's cool! We are a group of gamers that came together to forge an amazing Rust server for people like you to play on. We are a very friendly community and very mature at that. We might be a new server but we are not new at running them successfully! That's a promise.

[How To Connect]
- Open up Rust, once you have that open press F1 and that will open console!
Type/Paste this in the console and hit enter.
- You can also just search for the server by typing ModernRust


You might wanna know our mods we run on the server too!

[Misc Info]
99% uptime. (unless being updated or maintenance)
Friendly / Helpful community.
Running Oxide2 with list plugins below,
Active Admins.
50 slots
Commands: /help, /players, /rules, /vote, /rewards /tpr, /tpa

Airdropcontrol, Anticheat, Betterchatname, Betterloot, Clans, Craftingcontroller, Deathnotes, Enhancedbansystem, Friendlyfire, Gathermanager, Helptext, Kits, M-teleportation, Notifier, Playerlist, Removertool, Rustdb, Stacksizecontroller, Twigsdecay(1.6 Hours Per Decay - Twigs And Ladders), Voter.

[Server Mission]
ModernRust has 1 mission in mind. Create, maintain and expand the project with a devoted team, loyal community and a clear goal oriented conscience.

[Vote & Be Rewarded]
After you vote for our server tab back into your game and type /vote to claim your points. Then you can type /rewards 1 to obtain your reward for voting!

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