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Loot tables have been adjusted to accentuate the survival aspects of the game and bring a more rustic experience to players. The accessibility to military weapons has been made rare, and player will instead find Pipe-shotguns, Revolvers and other hand-crafted weapons and ammo more often in loot crates.
To encourage people to work together and create Towns/Communities/Factions, Research Kits have been made extremely rare, so be sure to check with your friends what is best for the group for you to research! With the same purpose, Explosives are not craftable and can only be found on loot crates and airdrops. Explosive Charges however, can still be crafted from these.
Kill on Sight is NOT prohibited, but it is discouraged and frowned upon. We encourage bandits to rob people, demand towns for extortion or protection money, to build tolls by the roads and ask travellers for taxes, and any of other bandit related activities or behaviours you might think of. We strongly believe that KoS limits the amount of human interaction between players, and extremely limits the story that you or others can create on our server. The problem is not with isolated cases (which would be an impossible rule to enforce anyways), but when a whole group starts Killing everyone on the server without reason. There's a fine line between griefing and constantly Killing on Sight and camping an area. If the majority of the server is complaining about a specific group of people, which is a very special case, Server Admins discretion will be used to know where that line lies.
First, we need your in-game name so we know who you are. Post it together with your Steam ID and a link to your Steam profile. We ask this so it is easier and faster for us to add you to the whitelist.
The easiest way to obtain your steam ID is to copy and paste your Steam Profile link into this Steam ID Converter or in SteamIDFinder. Either the normal SteamID or the SteamID64 will work.
Example Reply Post:
Name: Mr Player
SteamID: 76561198002404687
Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198002404687/
(optional) Short Description of why you want to join the server.
By posting to this thread to get in the whitelist, you are agreeing to all the rules and regulations of the server. Violations of the rules will result in a Warning/Kick/Ban (Whichever Seems appropriate at the time)
Posts on the front page asking to be added to the whitelist will be removed and ignored.
Replies to this thread that are not whitelist requests will be removed and ignored.
If you disagree with some of the rules and guidelines (downvoting this post doesn't tell us anything) please make a post on our SUGGESTION BOX instead. Please post there about any suggestions, ideas, or anything that you would like to see done differently. If you think the suggestion/change is big enough to merit discussion please feel free to create a new thread.
Open Rust
Hit F1
type or paste in the console, without quotes "net.connect"
Hit Enter
US Based
Sleepers: ON
1/4 Crafting Time
Rare military gear
Rare Research Kits
Explosives (you can craft Explosive Charges from these)
F1 Grenade
9mm Pistol
P250 Pistol
Holo Sight
Laser Sight
Kevlar Armor
Large Medkit
You can still use and find the above items in loot crates, zombie drops and airdrops.
If you think a Player is hacking, PM an Admin. If you have solid proof that a player is hacking, PM an Admin.
If you FALSELY and PUBLICLY accuse a player of hacking without proof you will be BANNED.
No harm will come to you as long as you keep this private between you an the Admins, be it just an accusation or solid proof of the fact.
Griefing is NOT allowed under any circumstance.
DO NOT place pillars/ceilings/doors/walls in another players building with the sole purpose of blocking them from entering, exiting or expanding their building. Placing stairs when raiding other peoples buildings however, is acceptable.
Music Spamming is NOT allowed in-game, and you will be banned.
If you think a Player is spamming, PM an Admin. If you have solid proof that a player is spamming, PM an Admin.
If you FALSELY and PUBLICLY accuse a player of spamming without proof you will be BANNED.
No harm will come to you as long as you keep this private between you an the Admins, be it just an accusation or solid proof of the fact.
If you are playing music over in our TeamSpeak, make sure everyone in the room is fine with it before doing so.
If you destroy EVERY door on a structure, you are free to claim it as your own.
Make sure you destroy every door before placing your own, or this could be considered or confused with griefing.
All structures must contain at least one entrance/exit point.
No advertising other servers either in-game or on this subreddit.
No excessive foul language, name calling or racist remarks, please keep things civil.
No chat spamming or mic spamming. Be considerate of your fellow players.
Admin are allowed to play the game as any other player. There would not be any active Admins if this was any different.
Admins are not allowed to spawn items for themselves. The server owner (RiposoEterno) watches us like a hawk. There is a plugin in place that logs everything Admins do, every console or Oxmin command, every minute of every day.
If you have a complaint about an Admin, PM the Server Owner. If you have solid proof against an Admin, PM the Server Owner.
If you FALSELY and PUBLICLY accuse an Admin of abuse without proof you will be BANNED.
No harm will come to you as long as you keep this private between you and the Server Owner, be it just an accusation or solid proof of the fact.
PLAYER RULES apply to Admins too.
If you are looking for immediate assistance please contact one of our Admins:
On this subreddit:
Best way to message the moderators is by sending a PM to /r/rustfactions (all moderators will get it).
If you happen to need immediate assistance, you can contact us on Steam.
On Steam:
Mr Krabs
type /help - Fills the caller's chat with help text.
type /who - Displays the number of players currently online
Chat History
type /history - shows the 20 last chat entries
type /historycleanup - (only admins) delete the chat history
Private Messaging
type "/pm name msg" to send a private message to a certain person. I believe you need quotes around the name if the name has a space in it.
Ownership Remover
You can remove Wood/Metal and some other items you own. It gives back part of resources needed to create the item. You need to hit the item with a Pick Axe. There is a hit warning: first hit doesn't remove object, only notifies you. Hit a second time to remove it. Only foundation owner can remove items/parts placed on it.
If you enjoy the server please ENDORSE it, and spread the word.

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