[WIPED 2/2/14]=The Rust Bucket=NoCraftC4/Arena/Teleport
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JUST WIPED - Feb 1st, 2014

Come have a look at our new server! The Rust Bucket was started initially for friends, but we've decided to expand.

Myself (lionex12) and a close friend (Shibka) are admins. We have experienced firsthand what it's like to have admins that cheat and get an unfair advantage over the players, and strive to go against that ourselves. We also know what it's like when you have questions and no one answers them - we will gladly answer any questions you have, and help you out if needed!


-Active Admins
-Jail, autolocation
-3/4 Craft
-Teleport between players!
-No C4 crafting, you can get them from increased airdrops (random @15players) and radtowns.
-US East, NY location
-ZERO Admin abuse and tolerance for hacking
-50 Slots, will expand if needed

How to connect: press f1 and type this into console(you can copy and paste)


See you in game!

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