NY Server|Wiped 04/23|No Dura|AirDrops|Friendly
1460 # ranked
0 votes
0 / 0 online
31 12 last wiped
Rank #1460 (with 2 points)
Dallas, US
Last Ping 04/22/2014
Uptime 0%
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 1069

Server Settings:

1. PVP Enabled
2. Sleepers Enabled


1. Chat History
2. No Crafting C4
3. List Players
4. Private Messages


1. No impersonating.
2. Don't bitch when you die.
3. No exploits! We have a log for exploits and will ban!

We try to keep as few customizations/mods as possible so there is minimum disruption/downtime when Rust updates are released. The core Oxide functionality, remove, and rare C4 are the critical things we think should always be there.

We are also very cautious about granting admin priveleges to a lot of people which inevitably leads to admin abuse. Only a few trusted people will be granted admin priveleges.

Cheaters will be banned by SteamID permanently and reported to VAC - zero tolerance (though there must be evidence...we aren't going to ban someone just because someone gets angry because they were killed.)

Last updated: 02/17/2014 Modify