Survival [Rust++/instacraft/sharedoor] Wiped 2/26/14
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New York, US
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Version 1069

I am an Admin of The Survivalist.
We are a new server who are looking for members.
Lone wolves comes far, but in a group you might just have what it takes to rule the cruel world of Rust!
If you think you got what it takes, feel free to join us.
Hope to see you.

- Bloody Srax.

How to join us:
Hit F1 to open the console, then paste:

Additional info:
- PVP = ON
- Sleepers = ON
- Airdrops = ON
- Admins = Yes we have admins (If you run into problems then contact EternalAct or Bloody Srax.)
- Wipes = No wipes unless needed
- 50 Slots = 50 player slots
- Running 24/7 (Unless the server is under maintenance)

- No spamming
- No cheating
- Language (Will be limited to English as most players prefere that)

- We will be adding a website if needed

Please upvote!

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