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X Gaming PvP|Economy|Arena|DoorSharing|ClanWars|Kits|GROUPS|Zombie Raids|Bounty


We only take serious gamers. There are no Noobs on this server and expect to fight and defend yourself at all times. We offer 2vs2 4vs4 death matches in our custom arena. Our server has Starter Kits, Economy ( ingame money to buy items from the market), 1/2 Craft, DoorSharing. Zombie Raids, Bounty system and much more. This server is for true hardcore gamers that know how to work together and survive. Our server is WELL KNOWN for its stance on ZERO hacking. We have custom installed scripts that auto ban hackers. Once you are banned on this server you will never play on it again.

Just like any game, you will have the ones who post negative remarks to try and ruin your reputation among others. We ask that all players who are interested in our server come and check it out for yourself. Ignore the comments from players who were banned and come enjoy the top rust server. Over 120+ steam login votes,

Seeking Active Admins: Must have 60 hours of RUST time in our server before you will be considered.

Server Features:
● PvP on
● Economy ( Buy and Sell things. Kill Zombies to earn money)
● Bounty system
● Sleeper ON
● Rare Military Weapons (C4 only available in Airdrops and Market Place)
● Door Sharing
● Airdrops when 10 players are online!
● Starter Kit
● Group Chat Feature
● Chat History in Console
● Private Messages
● Zero Hacking. We are known for our ZERO hacking policy.

Active Admins

Come join us and grow with us

● English only.
● Any hacks or duping of any kind will result in a permanent ban and a report to facepunch and Valve.
● Respect the admins.
● Survive

We taking gaming serious! Come join us and prove yourself.

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