Multiplay :: Blatz
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Chicago, US
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Os Windows
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Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 1069

Server is US-Central (Chicago), allowing good pings to all of the USA and much of Europe.

Server is running Oxide with a variety of mods. Visit for info about installed mods.
200 player limit on server.
200 user Mumble.
Message forums at
PVP w/ large area Safe Zone.
No Sleepers (will do short-term sleepers once Oxide gets a timer).
90% faster crafting.
Raiding is allowed.
Airdrops at >= 10 players online.
C4 drops are rare. Can craft Explosive Charges ("C4"). No Researching/Crafting of Explosives (ingredient). Explosives will drop (rare).
Thus far we have an extremely friendly, albeit small, population.
No admin abuse, period.
CheatPunch is active.
Many mods are running, check our website ( for info.

English language enforced (limited English is okay -- the important thing is communication that is understandable by all)

For information and/or to ask questions: please visit and read the Rust forums.
1s2k clan is extremely "play fair!" and anti-cheat. We're a mature clan, and have spanned a variety of games over many years.

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