Florida Rust I Mass Drop I 20X I TP I Instacraft I Mega Builds
508 # ranked
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0 / 0 online
31 12 last wiped
Rank #508 (with 2 points)
Phoenix, US
Last Ping 03/24/2015
Uptime 2%
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 1229

Florida Rust Server

Server Info:

Is a newly propagated server based in Florida. We have many features enabled, including.

• PVP Enabled
• Instacraft
• Sleepers Allowed
• 200 Plane Mass Airdrops Every Hour!
• Chat History
• 20x The Normal Gathering Rate. (We really got tired of farming endlessly.)
• Starter Kits
• Teleport
• Mega Builds
• Set Homes
• Remove own buildings

Our admins are always active for any assistance you may need.
If for any time you need help during your stay please type /help for more information.

Note: To join server, disconnect from your current game. Then press f1. Once the console appears type client.connect “IP Address” without quotes. Then hit enter. Once you have done this, the server will appear in your history log.

Last updated: 03/06/2015 Modify