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Hey everyone, Thanks for checking out this thread. I have a made what I feel is a very fun rust server and the name says it all.... This is more basic then the game originally started as. I have read on the forum boards of people wanting this type of server...
Well here you have it!!

Here are the details to this server...This server was started today 3-25 for anyone wondering.

-Server is located in Chicago, IL
-Cheat Punch Active!!!
-Buildings are limited to 3x3x4High[Anything more will be removed]....This helps with loading in areas of the map easier and C4 be limited. This could change in the future.
-FPS Booster in Game...Once you join type /fps and watch how smooth this runs now!
-Death Messages with damage notifiers
-Destroy Mode with REFUND OPTION...If you misplace a building piece you can type /destroy then hit it. Whatever you hit WILL go back in your inventory
-Drop++...all tables have been modified to fit this type of gameplay. Suggestions are always welcome though.
-Clan Tags... You can create a clan, send messages to clan members, create your own clan message of the day for people logging in.
-Admin Travel...Instead of admins Teleporting right to your body(which can get annoying as a player) they can travel to locations on the map very quickly for any issue
-C4 is in airdrops, can not be crafted and only works on doors now. So your wood walls are safe!
-There is no research kits or blueprints...You must find the items you want, or make them from farming.
-There is no Metal building!...These are not needed since wood walls are safe....Remember this is caveman style not city high rises.

Hope to see you all on the server soon!

http://cavemanlife.proboards.com/ Join the forum if you play on the server. We would love your feedback and ideas for the future!

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