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Here at Rogue Squadron we do our best to make sure our players have fun playing the game. Admins are in the game to make things easier for you, not to run around griefing others for fun. We hope you'll hop on our server and enjoy your time.


Refer a friend and get 1k wood. Just get with an admin and we will sort you out.
Contact Info
Join our public teamspeak 3 Server at us11.voice.ihostinghq.com:9513
Visit our website at http://www.rogue-squadron-clan.co.uk/
Visit our steam group at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/roguesquadronserver
For server support submit a ticket at http://roguesquadron.freshdesk.com/

Rogue Squadron's Rust server features:

Really Rare military weapons, if you find one treasure it as you cant make MP5's M4's and Shotguns

Door sharing (Lets you share all your doors with someone)

LES (Leveling system. Gain Exp by killing animals and level up certain skills)

Ownership remover (You can destroy things you put down with /remove and hitting it)

Online user list (Type /list to see who’s online)

Chat history (type /history to see the last 20 chat messages)

Quarter Craft (Crafting takes a quarter of the normal time)

Limited Decay

Remote Door control (Type /dooropen and /doorclosed to open and close your doors from afar)

Groups (Set up custom groups so you can't accidentally kill your buddies)

No C4 Craft

Probe (Type /probe to turn on and /probe to turn off. Turn it on and hit a building to see who owns it)

Active helpful admins (Admins will not abuse their power for personal gain.)


Economy earn money killing things to use tele

Limited Sleepers (15 minutes)

Teleport Commands
To List available Teleport locations
use "tele list [name]" The Name is optional and can be partial
To Create a new Teleport location Cost: 500
Go to the location you want to Teleport back to use "/tele set "
To Delete an Existing Teleport Location Cost:50
use "/tele delete "
To Abort a Teleport request Cost:100
use "/tele abort"
To Use an Existing Teleport Location
use "/tele " The name can be partial as long as there is only 1 match
use /tele req "Player Name" to TPA to someone and /tele acc to accept one

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