12/5 Rustville USA - 10x zOmBiEs No Decay
17 # ranked
2 votes
4 / 100 online
16 05 last wiped
Rank #17 (with 40 points)
Last Ping 1 minute ago
Uptime 97%
Last Wipe 05/16/2019
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2208
Server Name:
Rustville USA - 10x zOmBiEs

NO DECAY - I REPEAT; NO DECAY (ignore in-game msg of decay)


Discord channel = https://discord.gg/2j3jdCD


Few Small Rules
-No Griefing
-No Racism
-No blocking someone from rebuilding
-No Blocking TC access after raid (30mins in activity = end of raid)
-No Leaving Turrets after raid (30mins in activity = end of raid)

- /info = quick guide to basic home and tp commands
-/home = place homes around the map for fast travel
-/tp = TP gui to link with players quickly
-/btp = Bandit Camp Teleport
-/otp = Outpost Teleport
-/kit = free/referral/donator kits
-/vote = Vote for FREE kits and rewards
-/s = Rewards Store
-sl = Security Lights
-/ad = Auto Door
-/playtime (all/top) = game time tracker
-/skin = reskin items to be unique
-/sil (url) = put internet images on signs
-/autoauth = used to auto auth turrets/etc
-/remove = Remove structures (removes friends too)
-/friend = Friend people but be careful who you friend
-/clan = Setup a Clan Tag
-/craftrecycler = Personal Home Recycler (100% refunds)
-Specialty EVENTS = Pilot Eject Events
-All airdrops (~hourly)
-Mining Quarries (balanced)
-Custom Bandit/Outpost Items For Sale

Direct Connect To Server:

Hope to see people there! NEW server with GREAT friendly, helpful admins.

We're a gaming community and not just a server.

Where the community has input into the direction of the server.

Last updated: 06/06/2019 Modify

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