[EU] Foxy's Fun House | 3x
258 # ranked
0 votes
0 / 100 online
05 09 last wiped
Rank #258 (with 20 points)
Grenoble, France, IT
Last Ping 6 minutes ago
Uptime 99%
Last Wipe 09/05/2019
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2190

3x Gather | QuickSmelt | InstaCraft | StackSizes+
Zombie Hordes at Monuments
Quality of world loot increased + more scrap
Quality of Air Drop loot drastically increased
Starter Kit (once per wipe), Air Drop kit (once per 24 hours)
Claim up to 2 additional Air Drops each day by voting & being on Discord!
Server Rewards (including self heals, portable vehicles, mass airdrops and warps to various monuments)
/home, /tp, /backpack, /remove, /voteday

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