[UK/EU] Extinction x5 | Last Wipe 26/06/2019 | TP | Zombies | K
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26 04 last wiped
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Jona, CH
Last Ping 07/26/2019
Uptime 48%
Last Wipe 04/26/2019
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2180
Welcome to Chicken Central! We aim to provide players the best performance and daily restarts so we are never laggy! Use /info in game to see the server info and list of commands! Now with a higher population of chickens! Anti-Offline Raid, Raid Block, Auto Doors, Magic Loot +Extra Loot, BGrade, Mass Airdrops, Kits, Teleportation, QuickSmelt, Remover Tool, Skip Night, ZLevels, Dangerous Treasure Event with epic loot and more! We are taking suggestions on what you work like changing to the server such as plugins and what the server needs to make your game-play have the best experience.

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