[EU] Magic Unicorn - No BPs No Decay 5X [KITS TP INSTA CRAFT
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2 / 60 online
07 03 last wiped
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Milan, IT
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Uptime 96%
Last Wipe 03/07/2019
Os Linux
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2183

Server Discord: https://discord.gg/8vY4Rc3

Visit our discord for list of rules/support area etc.Our server has several kits and many mods, 1 month wipe cycles with no decay

This is a brand new server set up today just in time for the wipe, will update when the patch gets pushed threw

- 1: BetterChat "Nothing special, just helps with clan stuff"

- 2: Blueprint manager "Unlocks all BPs"

- 3: Botspawn "Adds zombies"

- 4: Clans "/clan ingame for help"

- 5: ConnectMessages "See who logs in and out"

- 6: DeathNotes "See who's out there fraggin"

- 7: GatherManager "5x for all, 2x for sulfur"

- 8: Info Panel "Ingame info"

- 9: Instant Craft "Craft instantly, you'll still need a workbench!"

- 10: Kits "/kit to claim our spicy kits"

- 11: LimitedLadders "Stop those pesky raiders from laddering over your external walls and up your building. Watch out for those Heli raiders!"

- 12: PlayerRanks "Just a fun little stat tracker to promote competition, /pr for ranks"

- 13: MagicLoot "Slightly improves item drop rates"

- 14: QuickSmelt "Faster smelting, but its not instant!"

- 15: Skin "Who doesn't love some free skins? /skin to use them"

- 16: SkipNight "Let there be light! /voteday for that♥♥♥♥♥♥

- 17: Stacksize "Set as 10k but will be edited in the future"

- 18: Trade "Want to trade anywhere on the map, use /trade "

More mods may be added and existing mods may be tweaked.

- Wipes happen monthly, so on 1st Thursday of every month we wipe!


New mods added:Set home - /homeTeleport to your buddies - /tprRecycle on the move - /recNo escape - raiders and victims can't escape with teleportation during a raidBgrade - /bgrade 0-4Teleport to outpost or bandit camp - /otp or /btpIngame shop - /shopInformation panel - /info

Gain currencyBy killing/selling/gatheringEvery 5 mins while online also gain small amount


Added Special NPC's at the AirfieldThey drop there loot including guns and clothingPotential dangerous area as players should try contest the area


Note: As always we are trying to offer a fun relaxing pvp server for players

Last updated: 03/21/2019 Modify

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