|5/16 Just Wiped| Rusty Trombone 5x - | Custom Map | Shop | Ski
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Atlanta, US
Last Ping 2 days ago
Uptime 93%
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2164
Rusty Trombone 5x - Type !admin for assistance.

US based Only wipes when forced by Facepunch

Mods Listed at bottom.

Looking for a laid back server with places to explore and active admins. Then this is your place. This is a laid back server to have good time. PVE, PVP and creative types are welcome here. There are safe zones and a hotel to get you started.

Admin abuse and cheating will not be tolerated here.

AlphaLoot, AutoAuth, AutoDoors, BetterChat, BetterLoot, BGrade, Clans, ClanTags, DeathMarker, Death Notes, Economics, Enhanced Hammer, Fancy Drop, Friends, GUIShop, Home, Image Library, InfoPanel, InstantCraft, Kits, Lock on Rockets, MasterLock, Nteleportation, Plane Crash, PowerSmelt, RemoverTool, Shop, Signartist, Skinbox, Skipnightvote, Stacks Extended, Town, Zlevels, NTeleportion and more coming soon. Part of the CHS Rust Server Family. CHSRUST.

Last updated: 03/19/2019 Modify

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