Rusty PvP Gaming UK | x500 | No Blueprints
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Version 2161

Why Choose Us?

Rusty PvP Gaming UK is new and aspires to be the ultimate PvP server. The server is setup for 500x gather, and has a whole host of features. Many of the plugin's that we use have either been rewritten or have gone on a diet so that we can provide a feature packed experience without the lag or fps drop.

When is wipe and what is the wipe schedule?

Rusty PvP Gaming UK wipes every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 5pm GMT+1, the only exception is on forced wipes in which we will wipe straight after the update is released.

How can I join?

Search for 'Rusty PvP Gaming UK' in the modded Server list
Or in F1 Console type the following command: connect

What features can I expect?

It would be impossible to list all the features we have, due to how often we update our server but we will list as much as we can below. Stay updated with changes by joining our steam group, we post weekly announcement explaining the changes we make.

> 500x Gather

> Quick Smelt

> custom loot tables

> Huge stack sizes for most in game items

> Auto Doors

> Backpacks

> BGrade

> Clans

> Server Vote & Rewards (Nothing Overkill though, just a small thank)

> Enhanced Hammer

> Kits

> Raid block/Combat block

> Homes/TPR

> Remove Command

> Sign Artist

> Skin Box

> Trade Common

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