Rustmania | Vanilla | MAP WIPED 01/04 | ALL Group Sizes ALLOWED
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01 04 last wiped
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Trumbull, US
Last Ping 04/08/2019
Uptime 36%
Last Wipe 04/01/2019
Os Linux
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Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2155
A vanilla server for those who want a real, Rust experience. Wipes are weekly and BP Wipes are every 3 months, making the game play a fun experience that you will want to come back to! Friendly community and admins! ZERO tolerance for admin abuse! The maximum amount of players is 200 and the server is ran 24/7.

Come join and help fill up the player base today!

Information about the server:

4k map

Monday wipes

Map wipe schedule: Weekly wipes on Mondays or when forced

Last wipe: April 1st 2019 (Next wipe April 8th 2019 @6PM EST)

Blueprint wipes every 3 months (Last wipe March 7th 2019) (Next BP wipe June 1st 2019)

ALL group sizes allowed.

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