LOW.MS :: Heaven or Hell
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Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2164

Krypton's 10x Modded Server -- Bi-Weekly Wipes (Just Wiped)(FullWipes)

Modded Plugins for the 10x are as follows:
-Custom GUI Shop
-Furnace Splitter

To join our Modded Server, Search under Modded tab "Krypton's 10x/Factions/RolePlay/NoobFriendly/5x Ores" and we're the only result

Or simply copy and paste the following Console Commands; to open Console press F1 and paste this into it.

- client.connect

Join us on our Discord for all server-related info, news and, commands. Link here -- [https://discord.gg/rkPrBXx]
-Thanks BHG KryptonKing

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