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Hi There!

As you are reading the description you might as well read it to finish.

DoctorRust started en January 2019 and was developed by Doctor. V and Jaghernot.

The server started with an idea that we got. To make the Perfekt! server for the rust community.

Right now the server is only 50 Slots but we are looking to expand. But it will not happen without a player base.

-- Features:

One of the main features is that its a non-VIP server, which means that you don't have to "pay" for a special rank to unlock features.
All donations are still very appreciated and will give you small benefits such as Special Rank - Queue Skip - Faster Support.

- The server is heavily modded with premade and custom plugins.
- Home/Teleportation System
- Trading
- Clans
- Building Tools
- Server economy
- Modded GatherRate and Loot-tables.
- Modded Airdrops
- Events
- Giveaways
- 98% Uptime
- Active Staff/Support
- Discord Server
- Vote system
- Codelock Hacking
- Starter Kits
- Kits
- Timed Rewards
- And many many more...

If you are interested in joining the community of DoctorRust, join the Server and Discord.

Website: {Under Construction}

Last updated: 02/27/2019 Modify