8/29 Dank Rust 2x - The Purge
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Woodbridge, US
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Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2190
Dank Rust 2x+ - The Purge

"A Rust Server Like No Other"

| About Us?

- We are an up and coming Rust community and server that has only been around a few months and already growing FAST! What started off as a small group of friends quickly
turned into what we have today, which is probably the most unique Rust server experience out there and we hold true to that!

| What do we have?

-Active discord with active admins and members!
-Multiple roles and a place to advertise streams etc
-Other gaming channels
-Tons More

| Server Info:
Location: Us East Coast

- 2 Week map wipe and 2 week BP wipe but with a twist... 1st week is with 100% raid protection but with PvP enabled.
- 2nd week is "THE PURGE" event. Meaning EVERYTHING IS LEGAL in the world of rust.
- 1st Week Raid Protection (with 48hr upkeep instead of 24!) No base damage just PvP! 2nd week you PURGE EVERYONE!
- Home/TP(no tp during raid or combat w/ 1 min cool down to prevent combat tp) RAID BLOCK ENABLED AS WELL!
- Friends/Clans support (add a friend to auto auth him on turrets and TC's!)
- Security Cams/Spotlights and Remote Auth! SAM's now work with TC's like shotgun traps!
- Better Loot/Quick Sorting/Higher Stacks/Structure Refund
- Quick Smelt/Splitter
- Player Ranks/PvP Stats/Zlevels
- & Much More! Come join us!
| Stay Connected, with us!

- Website: https://dankrust.enjin.com/
- Discord: https://discord.gg/bk227SP

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