5/16 DankRust 2xModded LowPop Bots &More
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Woodbridge, US
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Version 2164
We are a new small Rust server/community. We aim to provide a stable, fun Rust environment that strives for awesome gameplay and unique experiences with ACTIVE, FRIENDLY admins. It is a hosted Server with DDoS protection/64gbram/corei7 running Linux and 24/7 uptime
Come help us grow! Join our discord! https://discord.gg/ksVr76M
We have many QoL plugins as well as higher rates to encourage a strong PvP vibe while maintaining a modded feel. Our aim is to create a modded rust server & community like no other.
(discord is linked to game chat so admins are always alerted of server chat)

Solo/Duo/Trio/Quads/5man (Clans are allowed and alliances can be formed, but no more than 5 man to a base/raid group. There is a plugin to enforce base/group limits)
2.5x with extra nodes spawned in. AI IS active ALL OVER the map with random events also happening so be on your toes!!.
2 Week map wipe and monthly bp wipe to encourage base building and raiding/pvp.
Location: Mid West Us : (client/connect
- Streamer Friendly
- Home/TP/Trade (no tp during raid or combat w/ 60 second cool down to prevent combat tp)
- First Join/Wipe 30 min PVP protection + Raid Protection(can be disabled by player)/Random Respawn
- Kits & A VIP role (VIP is WIP)
- Bi-Weekly Map Wipe & Monthly BP Wipes
- Better Loot/Quick Sorting/Higher Stacks/Structure Refund
- Insta Craft/BGrade/Quick Smelt/Splitter
- Player Challenges/PvP Stats
-&Much More!

Come check us out!

-NO Hacking or using exploits! If you suspect someone please contact an admin in discord!
-Solo/duo/trio/quads/5man ONLY! This is strictly enforced and monitored. You will be banned if you abuse this! Plugins are in use for this reason
-Clans MAY be formed of up to 5 people. Alliances ARE allowed but no more than 5 people raiding/defending/roaming at any time. YOU WILL BE BANNED if caught/reported
-Don't be a toxic d***. We will not hesitate to remove you and your entire group if even one of you is a ♥♥♥♥tard. Rust has too many of them already. Don't add to it.
-Have fun & Invite Your Friends!

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