[EU/UK] Rusty Tools x100 |CLANS|NOBP|WIPED 16.02
28 # ranked
1 votes
0 / 100 online
26 01 last wiped
Rank #28 (with 30 points)
London, GB
Last Ping 5 minutes ago
Uptime 99%
Last Wipe 01/26/2019
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2151
Server Name: Rusty Tools
Conntect: (Client.connect
Rust IO: http://playrust.io/map/?

Owner: Matt

Admins: Mighty Mike, Koda

Server Wipe: Weekly Every Saturday At 12:00 PM

Server Saves: 15 Minutes Automatic

Oxide Plugins -

AntiOfflineRaid, AutoDoors, AutomaticAuthorization, BetterLoot, BlueprintManager

Clans, CompoundOptions, DeathNotes, EnhancedHammer, Friendly Fire, Friends, FurnaceSplitter, GatherManager

InstantCraft, Kits, NoEscape, NoWorkbench, NTeleportation, PlayerRanks

PrivateMessages, QuickSmelt, RecycleManager, RemoverTool, SignArtist

StackSizeController, TimeOfDay, TownTeleport, Trade, UiPlus

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