Rust Creative
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Version 2161
Welcome to Rust Creative!
This is an unusual server. Here we invested a lot of time and effort into it, while trying to fill it with those things that we lacked on other servers.
This is a SOLO server. You can only play alone, without a party!
So, Rust Creative offers you:
1. System of hierarchy
2. Election of the President
3. Every week on the server passes the "Revolution" of the current government!
4. Here you can tame animals!
5. Skill pumping system.
6. Prison.
7. Increased rates for the extraction and collection of resources.
8. On the server you can find the quest-house and after going through his rooms, get an award.
9. The presence of PvE zone.
10. Players with special packages are provided with the "bank" service.
11. Possibility to have several points of houses and convenient teleport system to them.
12. Convenient alternative map.
13. Unique /kit.
14. Authorization in cabinets and doors only 1 person (except for the event of the Revolution).
15. Auto door closing.
16. Auto-improvement of buildings with one click.
17. Secure trading system.
18. Increased stacks.
20. Removing their own and friendly buildings with the return of resources.
21. The server has a raid block.
22. Additional protection of buildings at night.
23. Return game purchases after each wipe
24. Daily bonuses
25. Reports of killings and deaths of players.
26. Backpack.
27. Day lasts 50 minutes, night 10 minutes
28. Fully functional animals and NPC
29. Multifunctional chat system with antimat and anti-flood
30. A player's spawn occurs every time in a random location on the map.
31. Personal Message System
32. Instant Kraft anywhere
33. Color marker for injured players
34. Display of damage to players.
35. Autocorrect broken item for a similar from the inventory
36. An in-game panel with useful information about the server and environment.
37. In-game help system
38. Blocking weapons and explosives after wipe
39. Recycler
40. Skin change command
41. Sort items
42. Upload photos on the plates and paintings

How to find our servers in search?
Run the game
Go to the Play tab
Select Modified
In the Server Search box type Rust Creative
Add server favorites and connect!

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