Solo Survival|3x|Solo Only|6/20
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Solo Survival 3x is up! We are a Solo only server that wants any and ALL players! Come experience our server, we have tons of mods and a great admin core.

Mods included are..
AlphaLoot - Loot plugin to edit the amounts of items in all possible crates.
Skinbox - Skin your items with over 2200 manually added skins!
AdvanceGather - Berries from Hemp, Apples from Trees, Biofuel from Corn/Pumpkins.
GatherManager - Plugin to customize gather rates. We are 2x.
Auto-Fuel - No Need to add fuel to any lamps/lanterns.
Nightlantern - lights/lamps/lanterns turn on automatically at night and off at morning.
B-Grade - upgrade your base faster.
DeathMarker - Find your corpse on the map.
DeathNotes - Shows when/who you killed and what with.
BetterChat - Displays titles in chat!
PlayerChallenges - Be the leader of all categories and earn in-game titles!
Kits - In-game kits.
FurnaceSplitter - Automatically splits ore into the furnace for you!
CraftingController - 50% crafting speed!
QuickSmelt - Customized smelting speeds.
InfoPanel - Customized panel above hotbar with information!
ServerInfo - type /info in game for ALL commands and plugins in-game.
EventRandomizer - type /heli , /cargo or /chinook to see when the next one comes!
Trade - Trade with other players by typing /trade and their name.
LootScanner - Use binoculars and press E when over a supply drop to see its contents!
SignArtist - Use /sil while looking at a sign to load a custom image!
StackSizeController - Custom Stack Sizes
WipeTimer - type /wipe to see when the next one is.
ServerRewards - type /s to use your currency you earn by killing/looting.
Unburnable Meat - No meat burns!

Come join us! We wipe the map Weekly and the BP's every Month after Rust Mandatory server wipe!

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