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20 12 last wiped
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Last Ping 02/25/2019
Uptime 80%
Last Wipe 12/20/2018
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2151

Happy Savages is a 5x gather, monument only PVP Server with bi-weekly wipes, TPs, Kits, and absolutely NO DECAY. When joining, you will find a non-toxic community that enjoys massive bases, hard raids, and growing competitive wipes. Happy Savages provides a 24-hour post-wipe protection to build, gather, and prepare before your base and others are put to the test. Join us and become part of one of Rust's only semi-casual PVP servers that's ever changing with custom plugins, not only improving players experience, but lending to unique server-wide events. Happy Savages is perfect for solo, duo, and trio players who are looking for a perfect balance between a build server, and a PVP server.

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