Rusty Cacti PvP|3X Resources|InstaCraft|2WeekWipe
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09 11 last wiped
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Uptime 99%
Last Wipe 11/09/2018
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2126

Rusty Cacti is a low population server with a map size of 3,000. We strive on running an exciting and consistently updated server with custom events, loot drops, more resources, and bi-monthly server wipes to keep things fresh. All resources are gathered 3X speed, barrels, drops, and loot crates contain additional items and a chance to see rarer drops! No more grinding away for days to get the tiniest of resources. Secret events will be revealed every so often in our twitter, as well as announced on our server. Stay tuned for some awesome upcoming events, and build your base with us today! Twitter: @CactiRusty Management:

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