[NL/EU] The Dutch Dairy
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Amsterdam, NL
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Version 2126
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Dear reader,
For the past few years we hosted servers with succes for many different games. We decided to host a rust server and build up a community. Our server is vanilla with 50% upkeep / decay, low pop and without in-game admins because admin abuse is a real thing amongst the rust community. Now the only thing we need is YOUR help. Of course we can't ask you to play on our servers like this so we would like to hear your suggestions and tips on how to make the server better / improve the server.

We will hopefully see you in-game!

Server IP: client.connect
Discord: https://discord.gg/gzGfmzd
Steam group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/TheHallowLight

● Max group size: 6 - Teaming Not allowed!
● Upkeep is 50%
● Mapsize: 2400
● Only Dutch / English speaking
● We tolerate no toxic behaviour!
● Map and Blueprints are wiped on the first thursday of the month @ update.
● Last wipe: 01.11.18 (Map+BP)
● Next wipe: 06.12.18 @update (Map+BP)

Please read our server rules on our Discord server.
Need help?
Get your invite @ the https://discord.gg/gzGfmzd.

This server is hosted on a high performance server located in Amsterdam.

Have fun! and stay away from the salt.

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