2/28|Solo Survival|3X|Dallas
23110 # ranked
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01 11 last wiped
Rank #23110 (with 0 points)
Last Ping 03/14/2019
Uptime 62%
Last Wipe 11/01/2018
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2151
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SOLO ONLY. Absolutely ZERO teaming up. NO trading items. Selling via Vendors are ok. NO Racism. NO Cheating/Hacking. Enjoy yourself.
Last Wipe : 11/1
Mods Included :
*FlippableTurrets (Place Auto-Turrets on ceilings!)
*Auto-Fuel (Fuel auto pulls from Tool Cup.)
*Enhanced Hammer (Upgrade base faster)
*FancyDrop (Regular and Mass Airdrops)
*No Ladders/Twig (Building Blocker)
*Skinbox (Type /Skinbox to reskin most items)
*NoDecay (Slightly Modified)
*PlayerChallenges (Titles, leaderboards)\n*CraftingController (2x Crafting Speed)
*StackSizeController (Larger Stacks)
*BotSpawn (NPC Bots to fight at Monuments)
*GatherManager (2x All)
*Remove Tool (up to Wood only)
*BetterLoot (Modified Loot List)
*AutoPurge (no login for 120 hours (5 days) = wiped)
*FurnaceSplitter (Splits ore into even stacks)
*ServerRewards (Shop System)\n\n Among others.."

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