Rust-A-Holics PVE! Kits, Shop, Portable Recycler, RustIO, Homes
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Version 2190
2 Years Running! Active Admins, Great Community! No Decay! Monthly Wipe for Map, BPs when Forced! Not to mention, you can enjoy the usual VIP Perks like /rec, backpacks, SkinBox + More for free! We offer a judgement-free zone where all builders and PVE-seekers are welcome! Come give us a shot...we have Frog Boots!

Some of our various plugins include: Rust:IO for Oxide, AdvanceGather, AutoBroadcast, AutoDoors, AutoPurge, Backpacks, BGrade, BotSpawn, Building Restriction, CarCommander, Christmas, Rust:IO Clans, Corpse Location, Kill Feed, Economics, Enhanced Hammer, FancyDrop, Flippable Turrets, Friends, Furnace Splitter, GUI Shop, Hunt RPG, JPipes, Kits, Lights On, Loot Bouncer, NeverWear, NTeleportation, OilCrate, Player Entities, PlayerList, PlayerRanks, Playtime Tracker, PowerSmelt, PreferredEnvironment, PreventLooting, PrivateMessage, Quick Sort, RainOfFire, RandomSpawns, Recycle, RemoverTool, Sign Artist, SinkableCargoShip, SkinBox, Skyfall, SleeperAnimalProtection, StacksExtended, Steam Groups, Trade, TreasureBox, TruePVE, Warp System, ZLevelsRemastered, and so much more!

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