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The Lost Isles is a new roleplay friendly server designed to be an immersive and fun experience. Our custom plugins allow for an overall PvE setting, with PvP and raiding, only permitted in specific locations and situations. It's a great balance, allowing for a more enjoyable Rust experience.

The following is all enforced via plugins to prevent abuse;
- Land ownership
- Land taxes revenues
- No KoS except for PVP zones
- No raiding on claimed land
- Raiding on unclaimed land
- Raiding triggers PvP zone
- PVP at large monuments
- PVP at airdrop / tank / heli
- PVP at base raids
- Additional Default Blueprints
- ZLevels
- SignArtist
- Zombies and Scientists
- No Twig raiding.
- Group access to locks, toolcupboads, and turrets (this is lovely)
- Neon Signs
- Horse Riding
- Multi boats
- Plane and Heli crashes.

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