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Version 2051
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2We are a UK based Dedicated Server Running on a 4.7ghz cpu with 16gb of ram and booting off a m.2 1tb.

Welcome to PurePrimenThis is our x2 Modded Server x2 Gather, x2 components,Zlevels,Autodoors+Custom Plugins Be Sure To Read Our Rules when in the server Via /info Have A Great Time Here.

Plugins (33):
Rust:IO For Oxide,AlphaLoot,Rust:IO Clans, Death Notes,FancyDrop,FriendlyFire,EasyVote,Furnace Splitter,Gathering Manager,
HomesGUI,LustyMap,InfoPanel,InstantCraft,Kits,PrivateMessage,Quicksmelt,Quicksort,Removedefaultradiiation,Remover Tool,
Rotating Pickups.Save Announcer,Server Info, Server Rewards, SkipNightUI, Stack size controller,TeleportGUI,Trade,Vanish,
ZLevelsRemastred,Playtime tracker.

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