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Os Windows
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Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2022
Hello to all who know us and will soon find out
We are the Last Hope project, our motto is more games under the brand Last Hope

Our constant advantages:
Dedicated and strong server in Paris.
Adequate and Adult Administration.
A brutal fight with any cheaters
No uber donate, no uber prices on it.
Server in the planning stage, opening in September without wipe.
(if developers do not release an update requiring a wipe)

About server
☑500 slots
☑Day x2 | Night x3
☑Automatic closing of doors after 8 seconds.
☑Authorization in cupboards and turrets of friends and clan members.
/Autoauth clan
/Autoauth friends
☑Automatic cleaning of the server after 7 days (the owner did not come after 7 days - the house will be removed with all the contents)
☑Bots - all objects are protected by bots in the chemical protection com- bathes. They are armed from pistols to AK, a large level of HP and a nice lute
☑Updating the house with the / up command (1-2-3-4). Resources should be in the inventory to update the entire house!
☑Clans, maximum 3 people in the clan. Displayed on map
☑Who is in the cupboard? We look at the cupboard and look / cupboard
☑Fire by friends can be turned off and on / ff on or / ff off
☑Friends - maximum 3, are displayed on the map. (A FRIEND WILL OPEN YOUR DOOR WITHOUT A PASSWORD!)
☑ Melting speed at night x3
☑Automatic house lighting at night. We hang the lamp and register the team, every night the lamp will turn on, you do not have to turn it off yourself. Powered by: Ceiling lamp, pumpkin lights, candlestick lamp
☑Plagin turns off the fuel consumption to the luminaires described above (1pc load just inside and all)
☑Personal messages
"/Pm nick post
/R answer
☑Ignore messages, for the plugin above)))
/Ignore add /remove name
/Ignore list
☑Plugin Ranking Tool
/Top - Overall Rating
/Kdr - your rating
☑Instantcraft of things
Kits - details /kit in the game type
☑Map online
☑Map in the game
☑Shines work for everyone. The /skin command
☑Increased stacks in the game
☑Trade system
/trade nickname
/trade accept
☑System for upload images from internet\pc on wood sign
/sil http:\\\image.png
/sil file:///C:/Windows/test.png
☑Automatic restarts at 06:00 and 18:00
☑Having houses (5 pieces) 666 teleports per day, teleports to friends
/Set home 1-2-3-4-5 set teleport home point
/Home 1-2-3-4-5 teleport to the selected house
/Tpr nickname
/Tpa take a teleport from a friend
☑Events every day. Nobody will be bored!

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