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Uptime 53%
Last Wipe 09/13/2017
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 1192104
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Welcome to Rusty Noobs!


• Only rule is no hacking, chat is restricted with filters.

• Wipe is only when forced.

• Based in L.A, United States

A Server for Pro's and Noob's alike! We have Treasure Hunt, Easy to use teleport & home Gui screen Lock on Rockets, Backpacks for Vip, Pipe sorter for easy placement of items.Trade between players, Floating items makes it easy to find items Starter Kits Available In Game & lots of uniqe plugins. All Commands Can Be Found on our help page. VIP Packages Are Available To Support the Server Active Admins (We do not ban for admin base raids) Lots Of Cool Plugins To Keep You Busy We Never Wipe Our Server Unless A Forced Wipe From the rusty gods We Are A Friendly Bunch Come Join Have Fun and get ready for a challenge ....We have just added a better loot system no its not called better loot lol :D and a heli event for all

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