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06 07 last wiped
Rank #10616 (with 2 points)
Kansas City, US
Last Ping 08/12/2017
Uptime 49%
Last Wipe 07/06/2017
Os Linux
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2000
Server located in Kansas City, 150 Slots,

Easy to play, easy to obtain loot, will change when more players and higher demand happens, but as of now will keep the loot fairly easily obtainable with our custom shop with RP points to gather EASILY, Voting gives you Great rewards, and somewhat OP kits every hour or 2 or even 6 or daily will satisfy your needs and hopefully get you to continue to play.

Plugins Included - AutoGrades, Backpacks, BetterChat, BuildingBlocker, Clans,, DeathNotes, EasyAirdrop, EasyVote, Economics, EnhancedHammer,, EventManager, FancyDrop, FriendlyFire, Friends, FurnaceSplitter, Gather Manager, Gather Rewards, GUIAnnouncements, GunGame, HeliControl, ImageLibrary, InfoPanel, InstaCraft, Kits, NTeleportation, PlaytimeTracker, PrivateMessage, Quick Smelt, ServerRewards, SignArtist, Skins, SkipNightUI, StackSizeController,, ZLevelsRemastered

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