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Rusticles is a small community that offers 3 different servers currently to play on

Rusticles Vanilla -Active Staff- Monthly cycle
Rusticles 5x | Tp | Home | Kits | Shop | Clans | Loot | 1Week | NoTwig
Rusticles 10x | Tp | Home | Kits | Shop | Clans | Loot | 1Week | NoTwig

All of our servers are hosted in the UK and are ran on very decent dedicated boxes I7, 32gb ddr4, SSD.
We try to form our servers to be very user and noob friendly, and our staff is almost constantly active – which means close to 24/7 live support! If you can’t reach us in-game, then feel free to either join our discord or add a staff member directly from our website.

Admins are NOT allowed to play, supports are though! Having the rank “Support” means the user is on our staff team, but with no abilities to either spawn in items, fly or god mode- neither can a support teleport without permission from the targeted player. Our supports help us through the ticket system we use, to respond on questions that players might not feel like asking in the general chat. The ticket system should not be used to report cheaters, please use /report instead.

What features do we offer?

“Group limits set to 5”

This means that you can only be 5 people in the same compound/base – max of 5 while raiding, roaming, base defending – basically anything is limited to a group of 5 people. It is allowed to have allies or being friends with other clans, also to roam with people from another clan – as long you don’t exceed the 5-player limit.

“No Twig Raid”

Building twig on/within other people’s tool cupboard range have been disabled, so basically the server runs as if that patch weren’t added.

“No Double Layers”

What is double layer building? And why is it NOT allowed on the servers? – Double layering is when you force a bug which allows you to build foundations close to each other, which makes stacking walls possible. The reason why we aren’t allowing it is simply because its way to overpowered if used right. The server is balanced in a way of building resources and raiding resources have an equality.

Building in a clan has never been easier, simply use /share to share your rights with other members. This will auto auth people on tool cupboards, turrets, locks, and boxes – if shared of course.

“Mystery Boxes”
Find and claim the loot of a mystery box, it can be either bad or good (A min. of 10 players online is needed for this to spawn).

“Buffed Heli”
We boosted our Heli a bit, it’s still downable – although you will probably have to spend a few more rounds on it. Loot is also increased and definitely worth it!

“Ticket System”

In any case of rule breakers, please report them through the /ticket system, these tickets will be answered/looked at when a Support/Admin is on.

“Report Player”

Reporting a player in the chat with name isn’t the smartest thing to do, as they will most likely turn anything off if they actually are using cheats/hacks – therefore you should /report instead – this will make a silent report directly to us (we will receive instant alert about this through our discord server, so even offline staff can see/handle it).

“Auto Doors”

Automatic door closer which is by default enabled, to change this use the command /ad 1-60 – off.

“Auto Purge”

To keep the servers lag-free and have as low amount of entities as possible, then auto purge will purge any base/entity which hasn't been in use for 72 hours.

“Increased Loot”

Loot crates and barrels have been buffed with some of the most desired items. (No, you won’t just find an M249 in a random barrel, loot table is buffed as in higher % rate of components mostly).


Form a clan to prevent being shot by your team mate. It’s also needed in case of you need to /sethome in your friend’s base. Please do remember that no more than 5 in the same group/clan/compound is allowed at any time.

“Instant Craft”

Long crafting times are boring, have always been but is a part of the game – not on our servers though. Any item will be instantly crafted.

“Easy Duels”

Fancy a duel against your friend? Or maybe you need to check out your opponent’s skills – do /duel to fight without the chance to lose your gear!

“Easy Vote”

At our website (www.rusticles.net) you will find the “Vote” tab at the top of the panel. Voting is possible for all 3 of our Rust-Servers, and 1 on Top-Rust-Servers. When you completed the vote, then go in-game and use the command /claim to claim your reward for voting.


If it happens that you get raided, then you should not fear getting griefed – and even if the raiders actually do grief you, then we have a plugin that will log anything build/placed. The griefer will be punished as it’s not allowed on the server. Staff team will resolve the griefed part(s).


Gaming with friends, but not interested in creating a clan? Use /friend to prevent team killing/damaging and get access to /sethome in their base.

“Home and Teleport”

Well known and a much-used feature, you are able to teleport to other players using /tpr and accept the incoming teleport by using /tpa.

Setting a home is a smart way to fast travel home when being out hunting or raiding, use the command /sethome . Friends/Clans members must add you as a friend and vice versa to be allowed setting a home in your/their base.


Gathering resources have benefits, as you farm experience will be gained and levels will unlock – those levels will gain you a higher % of the output of the farmed resource.

“Guess the Number Event”

From time to time an event will appear in the chat, it’s very simple to participate! You need to guess a number and get it right within 3 tries and before other players. Usage of the command is /number .

“AoE Repair”

AoE means Area of Effect – when this is activated (/handyman on/off) then it will repair anything within a 30-yard radius. This will be affected by raid blocker.


Kits are probably some of the most known on modded servers. Typing /kit in the chat will bring up our Kit menu, where you can pick the kit you’d like to redeem. Be aware that some of the kits are cooldown and limited uses. Joining our steam group RusticlesServer will grant you access to the kit named “steamgroup”.

“Live Map”

Having a live map is very useful in many ways, both your friends and clan members will be shown on this – even the helicopter is trackable. Please do not spam it, if you decide to try it anyway then it will auto block you. If you’d like to setup a hotkey (bind) for this map then please do following:

->Open console (Press F1)
->Type this exact phrase (remember uppercase letters) “bind m LMUI_Control map”
->Hit enter and then press M to open/close the map!

If the bind somehow doesn’t work for you, then it’s possible to open the map using the command /map.

“Dueling system”

Got something to settle with a friend or enemy? Simply use this command! /duel q ~ /duel playername. - Gear will be provided.

“Raid Blocker”

Entering “Raid Blocked” state means that you are unavailable to perform most of the commands that could be used to benefit, such as /tp - /home - /trade. The raider blocking will stop 6 minutes after you blew the last part, and it won’t start until you actually destroyed an entity – so shooting a random wall with normal ammo won’t extend it.

Clans/Friends within a radius of 200 yards will be affected by this debuff as well.

“Private Message”

Sending private messages is a very useful thing in rust, no matter if you are trying to betray your clan or just asking a person privately how he/here’s day been, then it will most likely do the trick.


Doing quests daily for RP rewards (Reward Points) and items such as Supply Signal’s is very possible. /q opens up the menu for both checking current state but also to acquire new quests on the go. Most quests will have a 24-hour cooldown timer, and some of them will even deduct the gathered items/resources.

“Quick Smelt”

Smelting on the servers aren’t instant, but surely faster than vanilla. This should help shorten down the waiting time for the furnaces cooking.

“Unique Spawns”

Spawning at the beach each time, the same spot over and over again gets very boring fast – especially if some trouble makers have settled their “spawn camper” base at that exact location. Every respawn on our modded servers will be random, the chance of spawning the same spot is 1/1250 (Possible but should not happen often). The spawn will be random, and not just on the beach, you could actually spawn right next to a monument.

“Remover Tool”

Most players that have or are on modded servers will know of this plugin, as it’s very common to see – clearly there’s a reason for that, it’s simply just a pain in the a** without it. To use this type in the command /remove and then look -> click on the part you want to remove. Remember to have the needed resources in your inventory.


Use your RP (Reward Points) at our /s (store) to buy some goodies, from clothes to explosives. You can also sell a good bunch of the items in-game. Features such as the store will be locked while being under the influence of “Raid Blocker”.

“Sign Artist”

Interested in some art for your empty walls in the base, then use our /sil feature to print pictures from the internet directly onto your picture frame/sign. Remember we do have rules for using this plugin, which is mainly 18+ must be inside and not viewable from the outside. No Racism/Nazism – this counts inside bases as well!

“Day Vote”

Not all players in the game like the night-time, so entering the evening in-game will call out an automatic vote for skipping the night. If 40% of the online population decides to vote Yes, then it will skip right away.

“Falling Trees”

Harvest tree’s and cacti will make them fall over, as they would in real life. This adds a new feature to both spot people farming wood – but also a higher amount of “Gather Rate” when the tree is downed. You will get a 2x Boost for 20-25 seconds to farm away.

“Increased Stacks”

Normal stack sizes in rust would ruin it on a modded server, so we increased stacks on all of the items.

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