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Version 2051

Welcome to Farmland - BIG MAP
☺☺☺ beginner friendly / anfängerfreundlich ☺☺☺

| 2xGather | 50K Stacks | TP | FF | Qsmelt | Better Loot | Friends | Skins and more

-------------------------- more informations below ------------------------

- 1 Hour Start Protection / PVP disable
- !!!! loyal premiums !!! and rewards
- more oil pumps on the map
- daily kit ( /kit airdrop)
- Shop for the players

Farmland is a modded server for builders, farmers and fighters with active owners.
Be a part of this beautiful world and choose your role!
We are beginner friendly with start protection. Beginners and professionals are welcome to join our family.

Enjoy playing and have fun. But pay attention to the Bears ;-)

Respect the other players and admins
Play fair / be fair
NO insults and NO racism
Groups larger than 5 players, please ask the admin for permission

Use of bots, use of third-party software, bugs
To raid beginners
Only Base-Camping
Pretending to be a member of Administration.
Fraud, other dishonest actions.
Flooding, flaming, spam, printing in capital letters (CAPS LOCK).
Creating obstructions for other users.
Advertisement, political propaganda.
Insults and racism.

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