[EU] CrazyRust 21/6 1000X|NoTwig|MagicCraft|MegaLoot|TP|SHOP|Cl
19 # ranked
160 votes
3 / 120 online
08 06 last wiped
Rank #19 (with 1546 points)
London, GB
Last Ping 6 minutes ago
Uptime 94%
Last Wipe 06/08/2017
Os Linux
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 1993


A great community.

If you like to build, raid, and defend - this is your place!

The server has an Great shop,
Also: Custom loot, instant craft, high gather and smelt, increased stacks, teleports, 5 sethomes, and the best kits.

Look for CRAZYRUST in the server list or type the following in F1 console:


See you online!!!

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