[NL/BE] Vanilla Wiped 14/08
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04 05 last wiped
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Southend, GB
Last Ping 08/26/2018
Uptime 29%
Last Wipe 05/04/2017
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2108
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Total rust is an Euro/UK based server, physically hosted in France. Total Rust aims to provide a server for players of all abilities and skills, from all over the world to enjoy.

Total Rust has a variety of different plugins and addons to make you time on the server more fun and enjoyable.

Plugins include:
* ZLevels Remastered
* Clans
* Better Loot
* Fancy Drop
* Quick Smelt
* Instant Craft
* Server Rewards
* Rewards Store
* Kits
* TP & Home
* Visual Tool Cupboard Radius
* Helivote

We ask that you treat all players with respect and we look forward to joining you in Total Rust - Survival of the fittest.

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