US West Coast|9/14|x3|TP|Clans|Alliances|Plane Crash
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Los Angeles, US
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Os Windows
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Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2013
Hello everyone! We are a newer server with about 20 dedicated players looking to expand!

This is a Solo/duo/Trio PVP server, but new players are welcomed and an Active admin will help with get started and understanding the game.

We have a very active, non playing Admin here to answer any questions.

We have some plugins that haven't made it to many servers that add some exciting new gameplay.

Pilot Eject - Occasionally the helicopter will malfunction, causing the Pilot to parachute to the ground and the heli dropping all of it's loot. Players fight to kill the pilot and steal his loot.

Plane Crash - A low flying cargo plane that can be shot down using Lock on Rockets that will drop 3 supply drops and 3 Military crates upon crashing.

Skinbox - Allows players to skin any item that has a skin available.

Other plugins like TPgui, HoneUI, Clans Reborn, BetterChat, insta craft, SignArtist, Quick Smelt, InfoPanel, Events, and a few others.

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