#1 Rusty Krab 5x | Spicy Vanilla | Wiped 17/8 5 days ago
46 # ranked
33 votes
0 / 50 online
21 04 last wiped
Rank #46 (with 350 points)
Roubaix, IT
Last Ping 5 minutes ago
Uptime 98%
Last Wipe 04/21/2017
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2009

This is a small populated PvP server, with a medium map to keep it cosy. It’s all about building a base quickly and getting into the PvP and event action! x10 gathering, in-game town with custom currency and shops, turbo gather events, dangerous treasure events and hourly mass drops. Loot is balanced and monuments are worth going to for good loot!

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