MetroDetroitGaming|NoGroups > 5|Newman Friendly|3.2k Map|Comfor
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21 05 last wiped
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Last Ping 05/01/2017
Uptime 6%
Last Wipe 05/21/2017
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 1980
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Map Size = 3333 Map Type = Pro Gen

Last Wipe: 05-21
Next Planned Wipe: 05-25

The next FREE Skin Giveaway for active players is wipe cycle 05/25-06/01.

First Place = High Tier Skin (Carbon Facemask)
Second Place = Mid Tier Skin (Urban Armored Door)
Third Place = Low Tier Skin (Urban Large Wood Storage Box)

***Please visit website for more details and rules***

Current MODS
Z-Levels ReMastered: 0.5% gain per level
Remover Tool: If you place a wall by mistake, you can remove it!
Sign Artist: Permission is granted as requested thru the forum
Night Lantern: Lights go on at night
Fancy Drop: I only use this so a minimum of 5 people have to be on server for an AirDrop to occur
UiPlus: Know how many people are on currently
Player Corpse Duration: Set to 10 minutes
Time of Day: 45 min Days/ 5 min Nights
Player Challenges: Compare yourself to other players on the server in certain categories. Will be used for future giveaways!
Wipe Schedule: Dont be surprised, know when the next wipe is gonna happen
Easy Vote: Every 5 votes you get a supply signal!
Easy Furnace: Drop a stack of ore in an empty furnace and it auto splits, puts wood in and starts. Magic!

All These mods are mostly for comfort and to make the game less grindy and more enjoyable. They will be tweaked if needed.


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