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Rusticles Is A Modded Server-Group Which consists of 5x Seargent, 10x Veteran and Rusticles BattleField, all with Active Admins and Support!

Admin Abuse is not and will not be a thing on this server. The Support team do not get access to spawn in items, noclip, kill players etc. The only commands they get access to is /kick, /mute and /ticket.

Servers are setup with a pretty good balance in resources.

Our command list is:

/info - Rules , Information, Wipe date and much more.

/vote - Vote for the server to earn 100RP.

/town - Store to spend your hard earned RP, sell items you no longer need or pick up quests.

/tpr "username" - Request to teleport to a player.

/tpa - Accept a teleport request from a player.

/home add "name" - Use this to add a home (2 is max, use it wisely.) (3 is max for VIP++)

/home remove "name" - Use this to remove a home you've already set

/home "name" - Use this to quickly teleport to the choosen home.

/friend add "name" - To add a friend to the friend list.

/friend remove "name" - To remove a friend from the friend list.

/friend list - Can't remember who's friendly? use this.

/bgrade 0-4 - Easy upgrade on build (0 - Twig)(1 - Wood)(2 - Stone)(3 - Metal)(4-Armoured).

/sil - Want some art to look at? Get a picture from the internet and upload it on signs - Copy a valid link and do /sil onto a sign.

/showsphere - Will make a sphere around the cupboard - to show the range of building privilege.

/rewards check - Use this to check your amount of Reward Points (RP).

/q - This will show the progress of your active quests.

/ticket - Need To Report a member? Use this then.

/event join - Command to join the ongoing event.

/event leave - Command to leave the ongoing event.

/clan - Want To group up with a few friends? use this - it will guide you through. (Max Limit 5)

/ad "1-60" / "off" - This will make the automatic door turn off or close up to 60 seconds after being opened.

/ff on - Turns friendly fire on.

/ff off - Turns friendly fire off.

/hit off - Turns hitmarker on.

/hit on - Turns hitmarker off.

/kit - Shows all the redeemable kits.

/remove - Made a wrong placement ? use this tool then, remember to have access to all and atleast 1 cupboard

/map View the Map! (Default Keybind is "M")

You can find the rules @ www.rusticles.info also!

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