[Rustice] For All - zlevel, NoDecay, TP, Clan, kits [DK/NL/BE/D
130 # ranked
0 votes
0 / 0 online
06 06 last wiped
Rank #130 (with 20 points)
Amsterdam, NL
Last Ping 09/16/2019
Uptime 88%
Last Wipe 06/06/2019
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2183
A little server with a low amount of players, dedicated players. Playing a decent amount of time on the server allows for some decent base building. Server Rewards allow to buy equipment and like. Kits available, starterkit upon joining and death. default player, VIP and Donator kits available. Various other plugins making the stay on the server a hopefully great option.

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