[UK/EU] Team Howl 2-5x RPG [MONTHLY] NOVIP|Clans|Kits|Teleport
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Version 1988

> No bullsh*t VIP kits available.
> Last wipe: 02 mar 2017.
> Next wipe: 06 april 2017.


• Custom HUD to fit a 1920x1080 resolution.
• Frequent server-wide events like random treasure box, crashing airplanes & PvP battles.
• Live server map is available @ http://map.th-uk.com
• While asleep, animals can no longer hurt you. (No getting mauled by a wolf or bear while you're offline)
• Gathering amount is based on your current level, the higher your level, the more you'll gather per hit.
• Skills can be trained up to level 80 (Max level yields 5x gathering speed).
• Base gathering speed (level 0) is 2x that of vanilla.
• Smelting speed is 2x that of vanilla.
• Instant crafting for everyone for free.
• An amazing player-ran shopping town with vending machines and a bar/saloon.
• SignArtist (/sil) and SkinsBox (/skin) are available for free, no VIP bullsh*t.
• You can form clans with your friends and hunt down other clans.
• Clan are limited to groups of 8 people.
• Clans can form alliances with other clans.
• Friendlyfire protection is available for clanmates and allies.
• Home teleport (/home), player to player teleport (/tpr) and town teleport (/town).
• Vote to skip nights (HUD integration).
• Airdrops are more valuable and frequent than in vanilla.

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