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Welcome to Rust City made by Dual-Gamers!

-x5,000 gather!

-We have a wide variety of 10+ kits including an auto kit and a small raid kit!

-Magic Craft so everything crafts literately instantly!

-B-Grade for all for easy upgrading!

-Better Loot and components are installed!

-Max loot in rad-towns and airdrops including components!

-Clans so you can team up with your friends!

-Teleport and Home!

-Mass airdrops!

-Admins are always online!

-Instant Smelt so you get resources fast!

-Map only wipe every week! (Thursdays @ update)

*We are always looking accepting suggestions and looking for staff so join today for the best Rust experience!*

*We also update our servers within minutes of updates so that means little to no waiting for you!

-View our other servers and more on our website


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